Sean Gates, Senior Partner, Gates & Partners

Sean specialises in aerospace insurance, reinsurance and liability issues including disaster management and preparedness, and insurance coverage and policy issues. He has acted for airlines and their insurers as lead counsel in respect of several of the most important aviation disasters of the past 30 years. Presently, Sean is managing all legal liability issues arising from the Boeing 777 landing accident at Heathrow Airport in January 2008. Sean is also directing the disaster management of the aftermath of the Santa Barbara Airlines accident in Venezuela in February 2008, the Gol Airlines Boeing 737-800 loss in Brazil in September 2006, and the Helios Airways Boeing 737 crash near Athens in August 2005.

Sean has been closely involved in defending airlines in the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) litigation worldwide. By a recent unanimous decision in the House of Lords, he led the British Airways defence team to a landmark victory which put a stop to all DVT claims in the UK. He has also been involved in advising airlines and their insurers in respect of DVT litigation in Australia, the USA, and a number of other countries in Europe and South America.

Since 1998, Sean has been the Legal Adviser to the International Union of Aviation Insurers, an organisation comprised of the world's leading aviation insurers, whose members write 90% of the worldwide aerospace insurance. Sean represents the IUAI at meetings for the proposed replacement for the Rome Convention on Surface Damage; and was the principal Observer at the Montreal Convention in 1999. As Legal Adviser, Sean is in the unique position to report on developments in the insurance world for the benefit of his airline clients.

Brian Humphries, CBE, President & CEO, EBAA

Phil Dykins OBE, Department for Transport

Bo Redeborn, Principal Director ATM, Eurocontrol

Bo Redeborn joined EUROCONTROL based in Brussels, Belgium in February 2004 as Director Air Traffic Management Strategies. At the beginning of 2009 he became Director Cooperative Network Design, and two years later on 1st January 2011 he was appointed to his current position as Principal Director ATM. He is responsible for overseeing the organisation’s ATM policy and development and for managing high level strategic relations with key ATM partners. He also heads the Directorate of SESAR and Research which encompasses the activities delivering EUROCONTROL’s contribution to the SESAR Joint Undertaking Work Programme.

Mr. Redeborn is the EUROCONTROL representative in the SESAR Joint Undertaking Administrative Board and he participates as the EUROCONTROL observer in the Single European Sky Committee and the Industry Consultation Body.

Mr. Redeborn started training as an Air Traffic Controller at the Swedish ATS Academy in 1972 and was subsequently employed by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority. He spent six years as an ATCO in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on an ICAO Technical Assistance mission, then returned to the Swedish CAA and took up managerial functions with increasing responsibility. Before joining EUROCONTROL, Mr Redeborn headed the Air Navigation Services ATM Support & Development Business Area and was responsible for technical and operational support and development with regard to the provision of ATC services and air navigation systems in Sweden.

Chris Seymour, Head of Market Analysis, Ascend

Steve Jones, ADAC

Charlie Bodnar MBA, Managing Director, Euro Jet

Aoife O'Sullivan, Gates & Partners

Aoife has extensive experience in corporate, asset finance and commercial law. She has advised both nationally and internationally on financings, securitisations, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, listings, commercial contracts, and joint ventures. She has also worked at a leading offshore firm in the Cayman islands where she advised on structuring and implementing local and international securitisations, asset financings, mutual fund and unit trust schemes, establishing complex corporate structures with worldwide tax-effective outcomes.

Aoife also advises clients on aircraft finance, commercial aviation and regulatory issues including aircraft and fleet acquisitions and disposals, financings, airline start-ups, licensing applications and ancillary issues. She has a particular focus on the specialised private and corporate jet market.

Aoife sits on business aviation industry committees in the UK and is a regular contributor to trade and industry publications, conferences and seminars.

David Goldberg, Q.C.

Is a lawyer and a lawyer’s son. He was born in Plymouth, to which town his family, leaving the line of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, had come in 1813 in time to see the French Emperor a prisoner on The Bellerophon in the Sound, all of which explains his occasional references on cold days to frozen Frenchmen.

Plymouth provided formative influences: Drake; connections with the Military (he served in the Plymouth College Combined Cadet Force); the guns of the Royal Citadel, which point over the town and not out to sea to subdue the pro-Parliament citizens.

From all this, he obtained a dislike for foreign dictators, a distrust of overbearing executive bureaucracies, the knowledge that you can finish the game and beat the revenue too and a valuable aphorism which he never seeks to use as a weapon but bears in mind whenever anyone speaks to him in jargon.

As a lawyer, his primary interests are planning transactions in the most efficient manner, helping in what Mrs. Thatcher (as she then was) once described in a letter to him as “the battle against the Inland Revenue”, the control of executive action and litigation, both on technical tax issues and at the interface of revenue and administrative law.

Outside the law, he has too many interests to mention: he once took strenuous exercise but gave it up after meeting a doctor who told him that we are all born with a definite but limited number of heartbeats, none of which should be wasted in the gym; and he now models himself more on Mycroft than on Sherlock Holmes.

His published works include books and articles on legal topics and, when he feels strongly enough, letters to the newspapers.

Paul Walsingham, SG Finance

Mark Byrne, Director, ICM Aviation

Mark was born in Douglas on the Isle of Man and graduated in Law from the University of Westminster. He has an MBA from Manchester Business School and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Whilst a student, Mark worked for two engineering companies in Germany in the legal, budgeting and marketing departments and for a management consultancy company in London and Ireland. Mark went on to work for a trust company as a client administrator and business development manager before being appointed as a director of the ICM Group in 1995. Mark specialises in corporate and fiduciary matters with a special interest in aviation.

Since 1995 Mark has been instrumental in developing the group’s aviation services and specialises in aircraft ownership and registration solutions. Group companies ICM Aviation Limited and Martyn Fiddler Associates Limited are well known in the industry for their specialist knowledge in Customs and VAT matters.

Stephen Creamer, FAA

Rod Arnold, British Antarctic Survey

Archie Garden, Director, Cambridge Airport

James Dillon Godfray, Oxford Airport

Leon Batchelor, Arc and Co

Mike Skinner, Chief Executive, AMS Aircraft

Zoe Layden, Allianz

John Hills, Equiom

John is Equiom's aviation consultant, advising on the technical and market aspects of business and private aircraft ownership and operation.

John has a lifetime of aviation experience as an engineer and pilot. His most recent appointments were with the UK Civil Aviation Authority as the Chief Flight Examiner and latterly Head of General Aviation, affording a wide diversity of knowledge and contacts within the European aviation industry.

He remains current in all single pilot flight examiner roles and is pro active in the developing business aircraft market. He can advise on the opportunities for safe aircraft operation at all levels and with involvement spanning from development of advice and procedures for Equiom, to assistance to customers on aircraft selection and operation.

John works closely with the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry to further enhance customer benefits in their aircraft ownership.

Edwin Brenninkmeyer, CEO, Oriens

Magnus Henriksson, Business Manager, Avinode BI

As Business Manager for Avinode Business Intelligence, Magnus Henriksson has been instrumental in the development and launch of the BI Business Unit. Avinode BI celebrated its second birthday in May this year and during its first two years it has grown into a well-respected source of Charter Aviation data and information.

To date the BI unit has provided custom market research reports and statistics to over 160 clients ranging from the small-scale operators to major OEMs. Mr Henriksson has also been vital in the development of the highly acclaimed Avinode Demand and Pricing Indexes, along with the widely read Avinode Business Intelligence Newsletter.

David Macdonald, Air Partner

David Macdonald is a respected authority on business aviation with 24 years’ experience in private jet charter, sales, management and operations. He joined Air Partner in 1995 and is responsible for developing the Group’s private jet client base worldwide. David was instrumental in the launch of the highly successful Air Partner JetCard and the company’s recent entry into the Russian market.

Air Partner is a leading provider of aviation charter services to industry, commerce, governments and high net-worth individuals globally. It is the only aviation company to hold a Royal Warrant (Supplier of Aircraft Charter to Her Majesty The Queen).

Trevor Jones,Director of Client Relations at Gama Aviation Ltd

Reporting directly to the CEO Marwan Khalek, Trevor Jones is responsible for interfacing with the Managed Aircraft owners and advises all departments in customer relations and service quality. Prior to joining Gama Aviation Ltd at Farnborough Airport, Trevor has been an Accountable Manager and a Professional Pilot operating extensively throughout Europe, in the Business Jet Market and has long been involved with AOC operations.

Now in its 29th year, the Gama Group employs over 300 staff and has over 30 worldwide operating bases throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East. The group’s affiliated companies hold EU-OPS, FAA Part 135 and UAE GCAA Charter Certificates, EASA Part 145 Maintenance Approvals, Part 21 Design and Manufacture Approvals and offer business aircraft charter, management, FBO, maintenance, valeting and aviation software services. Gama is one of the biggest operators and maintenance providers at Farnborough Airport. It also has regional headquarters in Stratford, CT in the USA and at Sharjah. Sales offices are located in Teterboro, NJ and in Dubai in the UAE.

Greg Thomas, PrivatAir

Greg obtained his LLB in European Law from Warwick University and studied for his Law Society Finals at the College of Law, Chester. Before joining PrivatAir, Greg trained and qualified as a solicitor with Messrs Wilde Sapte, a large City of London law firm specialised in banking and finance. During this time, he was seconded to NatWest Markets and also to DG XIII of the European Commission in the Electronic Data Interchange section.

He joined the Shareholder Group and also became legal counsel of PrivatAir in 1994 and has been a Member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors since 1998. Greg, who holds a private pilot’s license, was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the PrivatAir Group in January 2001, Chief Executive Officer in February 2003 and President & CEO in 2009. He is also one of the Board directors of the International Geneva Airport and a member of the European Business Aviation Association. A Board member of the Wing’s Club New York, Greg served as the President of the Wing’s Club Europe in 2010.

Emily Williams, NetJets

Emily Williams was appointed Director, Sales for NetJets Europe in June 2010, where she is responsible for all field sales activity. Mrs Williams has worked at NetJets Europe for the past seven years, holding positions of Executive Vice President and Regional Director for UK and Ireland, and as a Vice President.

Prior to joining NetJets Europe, Emily Williams worked as an Account Manager at the international advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather, a company that she joined as a new graduate.

Mrs Williams graduated in Social and Political Science from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.