08.30Refreshments and Registration
Session One: Welcome to the conference
09.30Conference organizer`s opening remarks
09.35Welcome from the Chair: Sean Gates, Gates and Partners
09.45The business aviation industry post-recession
  • What are industry associations doing to help companies stay on track?
    Brian Humphries, CBE, President & CEO, EBAA
  • 10.10Update on the Single European Sky
  • implications for business aviation community
  • reductions in costs
  • decrease in environmental impact of flights
  • improvement of safety and capacity of European airspace
    Bo Redeborn, Director Cooperative Network Design, Eurocontrol
  • 10.30What are the key environmental issues currently facing the business aviation industry worldwide?
  • How are these being tackled?
    Katie Pribyl, Director, Communications, General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
  • 10.50Questions and Discussion
    11.10Refreshments and Exhibition
    Session Two: The current and future face of the business aviation market
    11.40Business Aviation Market Update: 2010 highs and lows
    Trevor Esling, Vice President - International Sales Cessna Aircraft UK
    12.00Aircraft sales market
  • Used and new aircraft sales
  • The GA customer and changes in perception / buying habits
    Stewart Cordner, Deputy Vice-President, BAE Systems Regional Aircraft
  • 12.20How will business jet operators grow their companies and market share?
  • Acquisitions, organic growth and forming alliances
    Fred Reid, President, Flexjet
  • 12.40Questions and Discussion
    Session Three: Meeting the needs of emerging and specialist markets
    14.20The Emerging Markets: Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America
    Sean McGeough, President, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hawker Beechcraft
    14.40Trailblazing the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • Services and completions
  • Regulatory issues in emerging markets
  • China blocked by regulation
    Barry MacKinnon, Director of Market Development, Bombardier Business Aircraft
  • 15.00Questions and Discussion
    Session Four: Upgrading aircraft and airports for the next generation
    15.10Upgrading business aircraft to include latest avionics and connectivity
    Shaun R. Flanagan, Thrane & Thrane
    15.30Next generation: What will the business jet airports of the future look like?
    Benito DeLeon, Acting Deputy Associate Administrator, FAA
    15.50Questions and Discussion
    16.00Exhibition and Refreshments
    Session Five: Hospitality roundtables
    16.30Network and debate hot topics with delegates and speakers
    Hospitality roundtables assemble groups of up to 10 per table to discuss subjects of mutual interest over refreshments.

    Each roundtable will be led by a conference speaker or other industry figure and you will be able to choose the discussion you join.

    What are the best strategies for successful Corporate Aircraft Asset Management?
    Mark Wooller, IBA

    UK treatment of VAT on aircraft and aircraft services
    Martyn Fiddler, Martyn Fiddler Associates

    Risk free transactions - are they possible?
    Aoife O'Sullivan, Gates and Partners, Geoff Gates, Securus Escrow

    Cable Connectivity Options and Opportunities
    Lee Costin and Jamie Palmer, ARINC

    Corporate fleets: how are flight departments changing and what will be their future?
    Phil Seymour, IBA

    VAT changes - 1st January 2011
    Guy Lachlan, BBGA

    Are budgets the biggest factor in the choice of charter plane?
    Dagmar Grossmann, Grossmann Jets

    Are the new European safety regulations proportionate to the needs of business jet operators
    Willy Sigl, EASA

    Brian Humphries, EBAA

    17.30End of Day One
    17.30Conference Cocktail Party
    19.00Conference Dinner - Sponsored by Gates and Partners
    08.30Refreshments and exhibition
    09.25Chair`s opening remarks to Day Two
    Session Six: Safety, Security and the Environment
    09.30EU-ETS: How do the environmental rules work in reality?
  • Update on the latest UK lawsuits
  • Requirement for business jet operators to register
  • Is the infrastructure in place to make the legislation work?
    Guy Lachlan, BBGA
  • 09.50Update on EASA rules and changes for the next 1-2 years
  • Compliance with new ICAO requirements, Annex VI, Part II changes for GA
    Willy Sigl, EASA
  • 10.10U.S. Perspective on the European and Middle Eastern regulatory landscape
  • Alien Flight School Program and the Waiver Process
    Brian Delauter, General Manager for TSA General Aviation
  • 10.30What you should know about Large Aircraft Security Programme(LASP)
    Charlie LeBlanc, President, ASI Group
    10.50Is the tightening of security making business aviation less competitive?
    Dagmar Grossmann, CEPA and Grossmann Jet Service
    11.10Questions and Discussion
    11.30Refreshments and Exhibition
    Session Eight: Legal issues
    12.00Impact of anti-corruption legislation on business aviation
  • Implications of the UK 2010 Bribery Act
  • Implications of US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Impact of these laws on flight departments
  • The global reach of anti-corruption laws
    Bobby Butler Jr, Chief Compliance Officer, Universal Weather
  • 12.20Cape Town Convention
  • where is the ratification process up to?
  • does signing up to the convention actually ease purchase and sale of business jets
  • will signatories enjoy better financing rates?
    Andrew Woolfson,Director, International Finance, Cessna Finance
  • 12.40Questions and Discussion
    Session Nine: Finance, Insurance and Registration
    14.30Where are we at with market values?
  • Which aircraft have fared well?
  • Which have retained their value? Phil Seymour, President and COO, IBA
  • 14.50Alternative finance structures
  • Private equity funding
  • Presenting yourself as a buyer to a bank
  • Understanding security
    Aoife O`Sullivan, Partner, Gates & Partners
  • 15.10Alternative insurance strategies
  • outsourcing
  • captives
  • manufacturing policies
    Sean Gates, Senior Partner, Gates & Partners
  • 15.30Questions and Discussion
    16.00Exhibition and Refreshments
    Session Ten: Conference Debate: Is there a future for business jets?
  • Is there any room for expansion?
  • Does the business jet have a future or will airlines supersede them?
  • 16.30Conference debate - Chaired by: Edwin Brenninkmeyer,
    CEO, Oriens

    Panelists include:
    David Macdonald, Director of Private Jets, Air Partner
    Gordon Mowatt, Wexas Travel
    Brian Stoll, Limelight Access
    Jason Peacock, AMEX
    17.30Chair's Closing remarks - End of Conference