The revenue derived from sponsorship and exhibition sales is recognized as a determinant factor in the success of most commercial events, whether they be conferences, golf tournaments, yacht shows, association meetings or expos. Finding the right people to carry out the sponsorship and exhibition campaign for your event is therefore critical.

Most organisations, however, do not have a dedicated team to undertake sponsorship and exhibition sales or cannot spare anyone to undertake this time-consuming and often challenging task. Even specialist events companies may not have sufficient sales staff to optimize sponsorship sales during busy periods and need extra resources to achieve their goals.

As event producers for over a decade, Quaynote has a wealth of experience in successfully implementing sponsorship and exhibition campaigns across a wide range of meetings and industries. From identifying potential sponsors and exhibitors, putting together sponsorship packages and prices, contacting prospects, negotiating contracts, to generating invoicing sponsors, forecasting and credit control, to post-event sponsor evaluations and courtesy follow-up, Quaynote works with a variety of international clients to ensure their event`s sales potential is realised.


Industry service-providers rightly see event sponsorship and exhibiting as a way of raising their corporate profile amongst prospective clients.  This said, sponsors and exhibitors have different types of products and budgets, meaning that their messages and the way these are best communicated to clients are extremely varied.

At Quaynote, we work with you to put together a bespoke menu of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities that will offer your clients plenty of options to match their budget and aims, while maximising the revenue potential for your event.  What is more, with the range of hi-tech related products and gifts constantly changing, we are able to recommend new sponsorship packages that reflect changing tastes and fashions, as well as ensuring that branded gifts offered are in keeping with the tenor of your event.

With our global network of contacts in the hospitality industry, we are able to suggest an extensive range of venues for sponsored cocktail parties or hosted lunches, from traditional hotels to mega-yachts or ancient palaces, giving your event a unique touch and offering your sponsors a memorable networking occasion.  We can also work with venues and sponsors on your behalf to organise exhibition plans and logistics, as well as taking responsibility for sourcing, ordering and delivering supplies of branded bags, folders, stationary and other sponsors’ gifts.

How we work

Before taking on your sponsorship and exhibition campaign, we will discuss your event brief with you and give a clear assessment of how we may be able to assist.  In some cases, we may be able to offer you a broader range of event management services, should you require these.

For an initial discussion about how Quaynote can help you deliver a successful event, please contact us now: