Bespoke Travel Risk Management Training for Organisations Operating Overseas

Does your organisation require employees to travel to medium and high risk countries?

If you are a Director of Security, Health & Safety Manager, Security Advisor or Director of Human Resources in an organisation that is sending personnel to work overseas, then you have a Duty of Care to protect them from harm.

For those travelling off the beaten track, or to high-risk regions, there are numerous social and security factors that pose a genuine threat to their safety and wellbeing. Organisations who do not train their personnel effectively, expose themselves to a great deal of risk at many levels – legal, financial and reputational.

Mitigating that risk is a vital part of operating overseas, ensuring you protect your interests and fulfil your Duty of Care commitments.

Quaynote has partnered with LFL Global Risk Mitigation, specialists in tackling the risks to international travellers, to offer organisations like yours bespoke, practical courses for your personnel.

Delivered by a team of globally renowned experts, LFL`s courses draw on the company`s experience of working in more than 100 countries. Their trusted and respected courses don’t compromise on quality and that means the training you receive is second to none. Above all, the courses are designed to reduce risk and increase your ability to operate safely.

After consulting with you to establish your organisation`s level of exposure and training requirements, Quaynote and LFL will put together a tailor-made programme to address the actual risks faced by your personnel. Training content varies according to your organisation`s needs.

Courses Available are:

  • Travel Safety Training – This is designed to provide your team with the skills required to recognise danger and how to avoid it. It covers all aspects of travel from transportation and accommodation through to medical issues and evacuation planning. (1 Day)
  • Female Travel Safety Training – We recognise that there are specific risks unique to female travellers and have therefore developed a course that addresses the issues faced by women when they travel. This course has been designed by women, for women and is delivered by LFL’s female instructors. (1 Day)
  • Advanced 1st Aid for Remote Environments – The aim of this course is to provide the skills and knowledge necessary in order to administer longer term pre-hospital care to those who have become ill or injured in remote regions. The course has been designed by specialist remote/hostile environment doctors and is delivered by medics who have extensive wilderness experience. Critically, it includes a module on road traffic incidents and vehicle extrication (4 Days)
  • Hostile Environment Training – This course is designed to provide delegates with the skills necessary to recognise and mitigate risks in hostile environments. It focusses on how to effectively avoid dangerous situations and how to manage the team and personal security aspects of working in hostile areas. It also covers how to deal with medical emergencies and deliver appropriate casualty care. (3 Days)
  • Kidnap Awareness & Avoidance Training – Designed to increase awareness of the threat of kidnapping and therefore to reduce the chances of being abducted, this course examines the increase in kidnapping cases and the different methodologies used by kidnappers, as well as how to avoid common mistakes. It also covers what to do if you are abducted and how to cope in captivity. The course is delivered by experts in this specialist field, who also consult for the UK government and the FBI. (1 Day)


How we work

References are available from other international organisations we have worked with to successfully enhance their travel safety plans and thereby protect their people, assets and reputations.

For further information on course options please contact either , + 1 604 996 6937 or, + 44 (0) 20 3 560 8154