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08.00Refreshments and registration
Session One: Welcome to the conference
09.00Conference Organiser’s opening remarks
09.05Conference Chairman’s welcome to the conference:
Business Aviation in the Iberian Peninsula: opportunities for “best practices”, safety and profitable growth in the “Next” Big European Business Aviation Hub
Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation
09.15Opening Address:
Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation in the European Business Aviation Context: At the Crossroads of Two Decades
Robert Baltus, Chief Operating Officer, EBAA
Session Two: Iberian Peninsula – Market and Environment: Where are the Opportunities?
09.30Presentation: The Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Industry by Numbers-Trends and Forecasts
Richard Koe, Managing Director, WINGX
09.50Business Aviation Infrastructure in the Iberian Peninsula- Focus: Madrid New Airport and Facilities
Olivier Poncet, Partner, Aviation Pasiphae and Board Member, Air City Madrid Sur
10.30Panel Discussion: Into the 2020’s New Decade
Panel Discussion: European Business Aviation-Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Past, Present and Future
• The impact of the Global Events on European business aviation industry
• Brexit and Independentists initiatives, their impact the EU business lines
• Russia and Eastern Europe, effects on economic and wealth flows
• The USA’s Trump administration and impact to global business aviation
• Lessons learnt from the decades ups and downs
• Trends in operators and services providers consolidations, M&A’s and others
• The role of technology, innovation and new business models- from business aviation low cost democratization to large private long range high speed aircraft
Moderated by: Richard Koe, Managing Director, WINGX Advance
Panellists Include:
Patrick JG Margetson-Rushmore. Chief Executive, Luxaviation
Paolo Sommariva, Founder, Fl3XX
Jonny Nicol, Founder and CEO, Stratajet
Jose Eduardo Costas, Ex-Embraer Business Jets
11.15Refreshments and Exhibition
Session Three: What can Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Leaders learn from Global Aircraft Registration Jurisdictions and Leaders? Best Practices, Safety, Security, Compliance, Oversight and…. Profits
11.45Keynote Presentation: Aircraft Registries Best Practices: Success Strategies for the Iberian Peninsula
*The Best in Class San Marino and Aruba Registries
Sakeer Sheik, CEO and Founder Titan Aviation Group
12.15Panel discussion: How can the Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Stakeholders Leap to the Front?
A look at the world’s best jurisdictions
*Why is business aviation regulation, compliance, legal and tax frameworks culturally more acceptable in other jurisdictions?
*Would business jet travel actually be a catalyser of growth, employment and wealth for European and the Iberian Peninsula Countries?
*How can Iberian Peninsula politicians, regulators and tax authorities be convinced of the benefits of private jet travel over conventional travel?
*Which European jurisdictions and frameworks should Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Conference operators target, and vice versa?
*Who are the influencers that stakeholders need to reach? In search of a common public-private partnership vision
*How to best educate the involved and uninvolved public, media, academia and other modes of transportation about the synergies with business aviation?
Moderated by: Robert Baltus, COO, EBAA
Panellists Include:
Heather Gordon, Chief Legal Officer, Martyn Fiddler Aviation
Sakeer Sheik, Founder & CEO, Titan Aviation Group
Clayton B. Healey, AIC Title Service LLC
Nick Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, ATRON
13.00Lunch and Lunchtime Keynote Speaker
Jerome Ferasin, Chief commercial Officer Business Aviation, Sky Valet
Iberian Peninsula State of Infrastructure and FBO -Form the Territory Leader Perspective
Aircraft Finance and Valuations
Session Four: Aircraft Sales Opportunities and Challenges:
Spanish And Portuguese Business Aviation owners, financiers, lessors, lessees and fractionals
14.10Aircraft sales in Europe:
* overview of the market
* what has happened in the last year in Europe
* what has been happening in the UK
Oliver Stone, Colibri Aircraft Ltd
14.30Presentation: Business Aircraft- Innovative financing and Sales tools for growth:
Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Peninsula Focus
Henri C. Lauras, President Aircraft Sales Titan Aviation Group
14.50Presentation: Infrastructure and Flight Services Opportunities- Consolidating a Growing Hub
Irena DeVille, Co-Founder CEO, Convolus
15.20Panel Discussion: Operating aircraft in Spain & Portugal
• Improving aircraft sales financial, and legal environment in Spain, Portugal and Andorra
• Financing and Investment opportunities in Spain & Portugal-The risk return equation
• Spain and Portugal as business aviation hubs-Privileged Location
• FBOs and infrastructure in Spain & Portugal- Long Growth Runway
• Air Traffic Management-SESAR and the Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Traffic
Moderated by: Jose Luis Garcia, Co-Founder, Airworthy Next
Stefan Buschle, Sales Director southern Europe & Africa, Jet Aviation
Arjen Groeneveld, Director, Greenfield Aviation
Pascual Munoz, Director, Airworthynext
Santiago Rodriguez, Aviastec/Roeder Iberica
16.25Chair`s closing remarks: The Way Forward: Peninsula Roadmap for Business Aviation Growth
Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation
16.30Refreshments & Exhibition
Session Six: Roundtable discussions
17.00Delegates discuss topics of special interest over a glass of sparkling wine. Each roundtable is hosted by a speaker / industry leader and delegates may choose which roundtable they join. The roundtables are an ideal opportunity for delegates to network in small groups and debate hot topics with peers.

Roundtable topics and hosts to include:

1.. EBAA Focus: Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Association. Perspectives, timing and vision. Benefits, opportunities and challenges for the local, European and rest of the world’s stakeholders.

Hosted by: Robert Baltus, COO EBAA

* EBAA’s approach to regional chapters in Europe
* Spain and Portugal previous efforts and background, what can we learn
* A new approach, technology and networking tools available
* Towards a collective voice for Business Aviation in the Peninsula, what are the advantages for regulation, legislation, taxation and public image
* Education, workforce and careers perspectives form the association viewpoint
* The association synergies with other European chapters, market and industry growth synergies

2. FBO FOCUS: Fixed Based Operators Perspectives and Strategies For Growth:
What does the business aviation community expect from FBOs worldwide?
Hosted by: Jerome Ferasin, Sky Valet
*Are FBOs keeping up with customer needs?
*Is FBO consolidation the best way forward?
* Are fuel sales a necessary revenue source for FBO’s
*Is the new Europe Skies-SESAR program helping or hindering business aviation growth
*How do Spanish and Portugal air traffic management, navigation and infrastructure providers fare
*Is there room for private-new-business aviation airports
*The case for Madrid- Is a new airport really needed for business aviation growth-hub?

3. Infrastructure and Aircraft Registration Focus
What are the Opportunities and Challenges in the Infrastructure, Regulatory and Compliance Areas?
Hosted by Jose Luis Garcia, Co-Founder and CEO, Airworthy Next
*Jurisdiction optimization and development: aircraft registration and legal oversight focus
Air Traffic Management and Costs Issues
* The world aircraft repossession index – How does the Iberian Peninsula fare? What can we do to improve and grow the fleet?
*What can operators do to keep a handle on costs and minimize delays caused by Operations and MRO issues?
*How can operators and owners ensure they are in the best position to weather any legal, regulatory, financial or insurance claims?

4. Maintenance, Management, Safety, Security, Standards & Business Jets
Hosted by: Arjen Groeneveld, Regional Manager Europe, Russia and Middle East at Duncan Aviation, Director of Greenfield Aviation
*The importance of reviewing security practices and procedures
*Instilling a culture of security awareness at every stage
*The financial and business continuity implications of security measures
*What are the challenges of implementing flight data monitoring?

5. Tech and Innovation Focus
Hosted by: Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation
*What realistically is the future for the very high speed-transonic and supersonic jets?
The sonic boom and other environmental issues.
*How can we optimize connectivity in business jets? How important is door to door time?
*What is the future for business aviation and the small and medium size enterprise?
*Innovative and scalable business models-where airlines and business aviation meet
*Vertical and ultra-short haul Business Aviation Vehicles
*Electric and Hybrid Propulsion for Business Jets

6. Business Aircraft Legal, Tax and Regulatory Compliance
Hosted by: Adrian Jones, Martyn Fiddler Aviation
*What is the impact of improved tax, regulations, bureaucracy on new owners?
*Tax and legal frameworks in Europe, Iberian Peninsula Focus-Best Practices
* The EU-USA operational, maintenance and other compliance bilateral past, present and future
* Cross USA-EU/Iberian Peninsula markets: M&A, JV, and other business opportunities
*Airspace, Air Traffic Management, and other airspace issues
*Environmental compliance for business jets in Europe-Iberian Peninsula focus

7. Business Aircraft Finance, Insurance and Operations
James Carroll, Director, Business Development – Western Europe
Jet Support Services, Inc.

* Financing aircraft in the Iberian Peninsula-Growth Opportunities
* Maintenance Costs Predictability: Insuring operational reliability and costs
* Insuring Business aircraft in Spain and Portugal: Legal frameworks and costs

8. Aircraft Sales and Brokerage
Oliver Stone, Founder Colibri Aircraft, Ltd, Gabriella Somerville, ConnectJets
*Is the industry doing enough to attract new business?
*How do we reach new customers?
*Do we understand how to reach UHNWI?
*Are there too many barriers to entry?
*Does the industry have an image problem?
*How to protect aircraft and retain resale value
*Navigating pre-sale inspections, appraisals, and depreciation
*Protecting and maintain the value of your asset
*What are the benchmarks for accurate assessment?
*Valuing old and new aircraft

17.20Drinks Reception
DAY 2: Aircraft Expo
Location: Madrid Barajas Business Aviation Terminal, Gestair/Sky Valet, FBO
08:30Registration and Coffee
09:45Welcome Speech
Jerome Ferasin, Sky Valet, CCO, Madrid FBO
Hosts: Roberto Zapatero, Director, Sky Valet, Spain and Maria Carvajal, Station Manager, Madrid
09:10Breakfast Buffet
10:00Aircraft OEM and Sales

Oscar Garcia - Co-Chair

CEO and Founder, Interflight Global

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Richard Koe - Co-Chair

Managing Director

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Robert Baltus

Chief Operating Officer, EBAA

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Olivier Poncet

Partner, Aviation Pasiphae and Board Member, Air City Madrid Sur

Jose Eduardo Costas

Ex-Embraer Business Jets

Patrick JG Margetson-Rushmore


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Paolo Sommariva

Founder, FL3XX

View More

Jonny Nichol

Founder & CEO, Stratajet

Sakeer Sheik

Chairman & CEO, Titan Aviation

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Heather Gordon

Chief Legal Officer, Martyn Fiddler Aviation

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Clayton B. Healey

AIC Title Service LLC

Nick Fitzpatrick

Managing Director, ATRON

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Jerome Ferasin

COO, Sky Valet

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Oliver Stone

Colibri Aircraft Ltd

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Henri Lauras

President Aircraft Sales, Titan Aviation Group

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Irena DeVille

Co-Founder CEO, Convolus

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Jose Luis Garcia

Co-Founder & CEO, Airworthynext

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Stefan Buschle

Sales Director Southern Europe & Africa, Jet Aviation

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Arjen Groeneveld

Greenfield Aviation

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Pascual Munoz

Director, Airworthynext

Santiago Rodriguez

Founder CEO, Aviastec/Roeder Iberica

Adrian Jones

Tax Director, Martyn Fiddler Aviation

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James Carroll

Director, Business Development – Western Europe Jet Support Services, Inc.

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Gabriella Somerville


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