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The territory’s countries; Spain, Portugal, Andorra and the British colony of Gibraltar, have experienced invigorated growth since our conference last year. Several professional working groups have been formed, and in general the talk-on-the-runways points at further and greater business aviation developments, opportunities and profitable growth.

Nevertheless, dynamic political, economic, regulatory and environmental challenges remain. The incumbent jurisdictions could improve and enhance their induction incentives to help international business aviation industry players grow.

We will focus on the roles of technology, financing and maturing of the business aviation supply and demand in Europe, and the trends and tendencies coming from the United States, and other state of the art emerging venues such as the Middle East and Asia, including India.


AGENDA (subject to change)
08.00Refreshments and registration
Conference chaired by:Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation (IFG)
Co-Chair: Richard Koe, Managing Director, WINGX
Session One: Welcome to the conference
09.00Conference organizer`s opening remarks
09.05Conference Chairman’s welcome to the conference:
Business Aviation in the Iberian Peninsula: In transition from a decade of “Best Practices” to a decade of “Best Strategies” for a Business Aviation leading “hub” safe, sustainable and profitable growth.
Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation (IFG)
09.15Opening Address:
Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation in the European Business Aviation Context:
Preparing for a New Decade of Sustainable Growth- Achieving Regional Synergies for overall growth
Robert Baltus, Chief Operating Officer, European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)
Session Two: Iberian Peninsula – Market and Jurisdiction: What are the Challenges and Opportunities? Keys for Executing Winning Strategies
09.30Presentation: Iberia – Preparing for a new Decade- How to flexibly tackle and grow in an uncertain European panorama in and post 2020. Are Peninsula stakeholders equipped to cater to the growing market? Can the jurisdiction evolve and find synergies with other European leaders? Data and Figures.
Richard Koe, Managing Director, WINGX
09.50Keynote Presentation:
Business Aviation Group Purchasing Commercial Strategies and Solutions for Profitability and Growth
Irena Deville, GM Europe, AVIAA-Convolus
10.30Into the 2020s, A New Decade- How can business aviation achieve a “linear “growth? Tempering the up-down cycles? strategic hedging and tactical execution? Avoiding a market hard correction?

Panel Discussion: European Business Aviation: Iberian Peninsula Business – Lessons learnt from the last decade and winning strategies for the 2020’s
* The decade’s Global Events: effect in the business aviation industry-What’s ahead?
* Is European Business Aviation becoming more seamless? Are EU Jurisdictions synergistic?
* Russia and the UK, will the 2020’s carry a new normal in EU business aviation?
* Are the High Net Worth Business and Individuals consuming business aviation in new ways?
* Trends in operators and services providers consolidations, M&A’s and others
* The role of technology, innovation and new business models- from business aviation low cost democratization to large private long-range high-speed aircraft
* The Rise and Globalization of the Super Wealthy and Impact in Business Jets use and ownership

11.15Refreshments and Exhibition
Session Three: What can Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Leaders find leverage in other EU Jurisdictions ( and vice versa) to grow its market and flight operations?
Best Strategies driven by, Safety, Security, Compliance, Oversight and…. Profits
11.45Keynote Presentation: Leveraging the Iberian growing market with the best in class EU regulatory and financial jurisdictions : Success Strategies- Tax Focus
* Solutions and Strategies to Develop Business Aviation Tax Law in Spain and Portugal
Adrian Jones, Tax Director, Martin Fiddler Associates
12.15Panel discussion: How can the Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Stakeholders capitalize on its main assets; strategic location, desirable destination, growing HNI- Business population and economic growth
* Why is business aviation regulation, compliance, legal and tax frameworks culturally more acceptable in other jurisdictions?
* Would business jet travel actually be a catalyst of growth, employment and wealth for European and the Iberian Peninsula Countries?
* How can Iberian Peninsula politicians, regulators and tax authorities be convinced of the benefits of private jet travel over conventional travel?
* Which European jurisdictions and frameworks should Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Conference operators target, and vice versa?
* Who are the influencers that stakeholders need to reach? In search of a common public-private partnership vision
* How to best educate the involved and uninvolved public, media, academia and other modes of transportation about the synergies with business aviation?
* The USA’s Trump administration and impact to global business aviation
Moderator: Oscar Garcia, Chairman and CEO InterFlight Global
13.00Lunchtime Keynote Speaker
Iberian Peninsula State of Infrastructure and FBO -From the Territory Leader Perspective- what is the best network strategy around a Madrid Hub? How to Best Address a Peninsula and Multiple Insular Business Aviation Airports and FBO’s?
Session Four: Aircraft Operators Perspective: Opportunities and Challenges. Addressing aircraft owners and users, best fleet growth Strategies for the Iberian Peninsula AOC’s

Spanish And Portuguese Business Aviation Operators, wish list for a growing “hub”; owners, financiers, lessors, lessees inputs.

14.30Aircraft Operations in the Iberian Peninsula in the European context:
* Overview of the jurisdiction, How quickly can it improve? Leveraging with others? Is it possible to tandem with other jurisdictions? Can a synergistic approach work?
* Best strategies for regulatory, financial, fiscal and “social perception challenges”
* What is the best strategy for based fleet growth, whether or not locally registered
* Attracting and training the best personnel technical and management, a local advantage
14.50Presentation: Business Aircraft- Innovative financing and Sales tools for growth:
Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Peninsula Focus
Alexandra Asche, Global Jet Capital
15:10Presentation: Opportunities in Operations: Can an Operator’s benefit from ancillary industry support? The cases of the E-Global Payments and Drive-and-Fly integration
15:40Refreshments & Exhibition
16.20AOC and Infrastructure Panel Discussion: Operating aircraft in Spain & Portugal
* Improving aircraft sales financial, and legal environment in Spain, Portugal and Andorra
* Financing and Investment opportunities in Spain & Portugal-The risk return equation
* Spain and Portugal as business aviation hubs-Privileged Location
* FBOs and infrastructure in Spain & Portugal- Long Growth Runway
* Air Traffic Management-SESAR and the Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Traffic
Jose Luis Garcia , Founder and Managing Director, Airworthynext
Olivier Poncet, Partner Pasiphae Aviation-Air City Madrid Sur
17.00Recruitment and PR Panel Discussion: How media and promotion of business aviation in Iberia grow the business and attract the best people to it, Innovative Strategies
* Using technology to compete and win for talent in the industry
* Media and social media to gain government and mainstream support for the industry
* Winning strategies to gain media support and increase use of business aviation
* Education at all levels, from apprenticeships to engineers and pilots, what does it take?
17.30Champagne Roundtables
Roundtable discussions enable delegates to debate specialist topics of
interest. Delegates choose the roundtable they join and each discussion is
moderated by a speaker or industry leader
18.00Chair and Vice Chair closing remarks: The Way Forward: Peninsula Roadmap for Business Aviation Growth
Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation
18.00-19:30Drinks Reception with light appetizers
DAY 2: Aircraft Expo
Location: Madrid Barajas Business Aviation Terminal, Gestair Hangar (requested)
Light, Mid and Large Aircraft
08:45 – 9:00:Transfer Hotel
9:00-9:30:Registration, Meet & Greet
09:30-10:00:Welcome Speech
10:00-14:00:Aircraft Visits and Sales Expo
13:00(optional)Transfer to Lunch Aerodromo Casarrubios Microbus Courtesy Air City Madrid Sur
Location: Air City Madrid Sur (future site)-Current Aeródromo de Casarrubios, Terminal Ramp
Very Light Jets, Single and Multi-Engine Turboprops (M/SETP’s)
08:15 – 9:00:Transfer Hotel Microbus Courtesy Air City Madrid
09:00 – 10:00:Coffee and Refreshments Registration, Meet & Greet
10:00-10:30:Presentation Air City Madrid Sur-Business Aviation Master Plan
10:30-13:30:Aircraft Visits Sales and Flight Demos
13:30-15:30:Aperitif and Lunch Buffet
15:50-16:00:Closing remarks and farewell
16:00-17:30:Aircraft Departures

Oscar Garcia

CEO & Founder, InterFlight Global

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Richard Koe

Managing Director, WINGX

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Robert Baltus

Chief Operating Officer, European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

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Irena Deville

GM Europe, AVIAA-Convolus

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Adrian Jones

Tax Director, Martyn Fiddler Aviation

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Alexandra Asche

Global Jet Capital

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Jose Luis Garcia

Founder and Managing Director, Airworthynext

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Olivier Poncet

Partner Pasiphae Aviation-Air City Madrid Sur

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Arjen Groeneveld

Regional Manager Europe, Russia & Middle East, Duncan Aviation

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