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Building on the success of Quaynote’s series of Tackling Kidnapping, Duty of Care and other leading security conferences, we are delighted to announce a brand new one day security conference.

Workplace Violence and Business Continuity takes place in picturesque Old Pasadena, California on 7 March, 2020.

Comprised of two back-to-back modules, the conference will examine how the related concerns of Workplace Violence and Business Continuity are impacting organisations and what can be done to tackle the related risks

The conference will address:
* the legislative changes planned for California in 2020 that are expected to ripple out to the rest of the U.S.
*Threats to universities / faculties
*The human resources perspective on the tools that can be used in dealing with workplace violence
*A case-study on best practice in building response teams
* Business Continuity & Crisis Management.
* Disaster recovery
* A case-study on dealing with disasters and crisis such as hurricane and critical uprisings.

Workplace Violence & Business Continuity is essential for Corporate Security Directors, Risk Managers, Threat Managers, HR executives, C-suite executives or anyone with responsibility for security decisions in corporations, universities, NGOs or government.

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Lorna Titley
1 604 996 6837

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100 West Walnut Street, Pasadena, California 91124, USA