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Corporate Liability, Travel Risk and Duty of Care will examine issues of corporate liability and duty of care of organisations towards their employees, especially when sending them overseas to work.

Building on the success of Quaynote`s series of Tackling Kidnapping conferences in both the U.K. and the U.S., the conference will ask the critical issue of whether effective risk mitigation can simultaneously address duty of care and protect the bottom line.

With a Special session for C-Suite Executives responsible for policy issues, Corporate Liability, Travel Risk and Duty of Care will examine the following:

  • Executive responsibility / operational authority:
  • Travel Risks; real and perceived.
  • Preparing for medical crises
  • Protecting staff during emergency humanitarian situations
  • Female travellers
  • Dealing with negative publicity
  • Academic research student projects in high-risk areas
  • Embassy or consulate assistance
  • Transport and driving overseas
  • Support for accompanying spouses
  • Kidnapping risks
  • Case-studies
  • Crisis Management
  • Legal perspective
  • Insurance covers
    Corporate Liability, Travel Risk & Duty of Care is a “must-attend’ event for “C” suite executives and Professionals from US and international organisations involved in decisions regarding the following disciplines:
  • human resources, compensation and benefits
  • risk management & safety
  • security / crisis management
  • procurement
  • operations
  • medical
  • business continuity
  • insurance / Legal
  • travel

    For further information email or telephone +1-604 538 3353

Session One. Identifying risks / preparing the business case.
08.00Refreshments, registration and exhibition
08.45Conference organiser`s opening remarks
08.55Welcome from the Chair
09.00Executive responsibility / Operational authority

  • C-Suite input, responsibility and policy development
  • Implementation of policy
  • Effective delegation of operational authority
  • Duty of Care / Overview
  • Foreseeable risks and reasonable mitigation
  • Cyber Threat + Its impact (reality & hypothetical)
    Karl Hopkins & John Koski, Dentons
09.35High-risk speciality covers
Scott Lockman, Director of Commercial Insurance, Clements Worldwide
10.00Managing Risks and Seizing Opportunities:
Kevin Hulbert, President, XK Group, Former CIA
10.50Refreshment Break
Session Two: Intelligence / identifying the risks
11.15Travel Risks real and perceived

    • Proper analysis of risk criteria
    • Addressing employee perceptions
    • Cultural impact
    • Climatic considerations
    • Crime and terrorism

Tim Crockett, Vice-President- Security, HX Global

11.35Preparing from medical crises

  • Endemic risks
  • Local resources / doctors, hospitals and capabilities
  • Employee health
  • Evacuation requirements
    Daniel Hummel, Managing Director, Falck Global Assistance
12.00Traveller profiles and impact on risks

  • Experience of personnel
  • Age range of those deployed
  • Ethnic makeup of operational employees
  • Mix of male and female and specific considerations
  • Any specific training and currency
    Ken Klothe, CEO / Owner, Trident Star Global
12.20Kidnapping and perception of risk

  • Greatest fear / low probability – high impact
  • Mitigation of risk
  • Creating realistic perception
    Joe Carrera, NYA
Session Three: Monitoring business operations and sustainability
14.00Managing travel risks in the 21st century

  • new travel and tracking technology
  • future trends and a comparison of the old approach with new
  • cyber threats and social media risks
  • Journey management including road and travel safety
    Paul Crespo, CPP, CEO/President, Spectre Global Risk Solutions, LLC
14.20Academic research / student projects in high risk areas
Sherman Teichman, Tufts
14.40Embassy & Consulate assistance

    • What is available
    • What is not available

Al Bigler, Director of Security for the Diplomat Freight Group (Heathwick Solutions LLC),

15.20Refreshment Break
Session Four: Managing a crisis / maintaining control
15.40Protecting staff during international development and humanitarian operations
Amaury Cooper, Director, Global Safety & Security, EDC, Inc.
Secretary, INSSA
16.00Corporate communications / dealing with the negative

  • Social media and its impact
  • Corporate policy
  • Controlling the message
    Zack Condry, Director, Brunswick
16.20Crisis Management

    • Understanding the reality of requirement
    • Clear and practised plan
    • The regaining of control
    • Returning to normal

Tom Valentine, Consultant, Aegis Response

16.40Case study; Risk mitigation from policy to crisis management
Aric Mutchnick, Red Ball Drills ® Active Shooter Programme
17.00Chair’s closing remarks and Close of Conference

Karl Hopkins


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John Koski


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Scott Lockman

Director of Commercial Insurance, Clements Worldwide

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Kevin Hulbert

XK Group/ Former CIA

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Tim Crockett

Vice President- Security, HX Global

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Daniel Hummel

Managing Director, Falck Global Assistance

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Ken Klothe

CEO / Owner, Trident Star Global

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Joe Carrera


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Paul Crespo, CPP

CEO/President, Spectre Global Risk Solutions, LLC

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Sherman Teichman


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Al Bigler

Director of Security for the Diplomat Freight Group (Heathwick Solutions LLC),

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Amaury Cooper

Director, Global Safety & Security, EDC, Inc. Secretary, INSSA

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Zack Condry

Director, Brunswick

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Tom Valentine

Consultant, Aegis Response

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Aric Mutchnick

Red Ball Drills ® Active Shooter Programme

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