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Taking place in Palma, Mallorca on Tuesday, 15th October, 2019, The Future of Superyachts, is a one-day conference exploring international and regional developments in the superyacht industry.

Quaynote Communications, the specialist conference company with a successful track record of staging events across Europe, Asia and north America, has partnered with the Islander magazine, the monthly publication distributed across the yachting hubs of the western Med, to jointly produce The Future of Superyachts.

Targeting superyacht managers, marina operators, charter agents, lawyers, corporate service providers, tax consultants, registries, refit & repair yards, industry associations, captains, brokers, and other professionals, The Future of Superyachts will bring together senior industry figures for networking and discussion.

The Future of Superyachts will discuss the latest topics of global interest, while acknowledging the importance of Spain as a superyacht hub and destination:
* Global Trends and the Market in Spain
* The moorage problem
* Tenders & Toys
* The role of aviation in superyacht operations
* Refit – painting & warranty
* Marina development: around the world
* Marine conservation
* The Future of Palma

As a participant at The Future of Superyachts, you will be joining a distinguished roster of leading organisations expected to attend this important event. In order to make the most of your time at the conference, you wish to consider becoming a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor. If you would like to find out more about the opportunities for your company, please contact us now:

Lorna Titley, Director, Quaynote Communications

T: +1 604 9966937


Alison Singhal, Director, Quaynote Communications
T: 44 (0) 203 560 8154

AGENDA (subject to change)
08.00Refreshments and registration
Session One: Welcome to the conference
09.00Conference organizer`s opening remarks
09.05Conference Chairman`s introduction to the conference
Conference Chaired by: Ken Hickling, Director, Sherpa 63
Session Two: Global Trends and the Market in Spain
09.10Opening presentation: The drivers of superyacht traffic to the Balearics
*Weighing up the data from captains and key stakeholders
*What could the region could do to attract more owners and charterers
to cruise and refit here?
09.35Panel: Industry leaders discuss sales trends globally and in Spain
* Spain as a stepping stone for Owners starting with yachts less than 30m
* What are the trends in chartering in Spain and further afield?
* What puts off potential charterers
Moderated by: Pat Bullock, Network Marine Consultants
Fiona McCarthy, Charter Broker, Fraser Yachts
Jens Oomes, Invisible Crew
Steen Christensen, FRASER YACHTS Spain
Joost Goverts, Sales Broker & Managing Director, Northrop & Johnson
Natascha Weber, Northrop & Johnson
Session Three: The moorage problem
10.15Panel: Have we lost to the mainland?
*What are the solutions?
*What is being done to address the moorage shortage internationally?
*Is it sufficient to address the problem?
*What more should be done?
Begüm DOĞULU, Owner / Managing Director, Begüm Yachting
Franc Jensen, JMS Yachting
Peter Murray Kerr, Director, PMK Yachts & Moorings
Captain Olaf Templeman, M/Y Soprano
Malen Llompart Gual, Marketing & Commercial, Alcudiamar
11.00Refreshments & Exhibition
Session Four: Taxes in Spain
11.30Presentation: Spanish VAT on chartering
*Differences with French and Italian VAT
*VAT on refits and other expenses. What can you recover?
*Administrative obligations: Fiscal representation, VAT registrations and VAT returns
Pedro Pestano de Silva, Marosa VAT
11.50Personal tax advantages for Spanish Resident crew
* Favourable conditions for Spanish crew spending time outside Spain
Veronica Saavedra, Garrigues Law Firm
Session Five: Tenders & Toys
12.10Presentation:How automotives fit into the tenders and toys sector
Vicky Farrow, Managing Director, Quintessence Yachts
12.20Panel Discussion:
* How have changing Owner demographics and the increased use
of explorer yachts impacted the range of tenders and toys required?
* What are the logistical challenges (gantry cranes / support vessels / carrying capabilities) posed by increased numbers and types of toys?
* How have yacht designers responded to increased demand for toys and tenders?
* What is the future for the emerging category of chase or day boat?
Craig Barnett, Sales & Marketing Manager, Triton Submarines
Vicky Farrow, Managing Director, Quintessence Yachts
Richard Booth, Superyacht Tenders & Toys
Patrick Byrne, Director, Scorpion Ribs
Session Six: Pocket Superyachts
14.00An introduction to “Pocket Superyachts”
*What are they exactly? Terminology, Length, value,…
*Why are they a niche of their own?
*How are they a stepping-stone to superyachting?
*Crew on Pocket Superyachts.
*Pocket Superyachts in Palma
Jens Oomes, Invisible Crew
14.20Questions & Discussion
Session Seven: The role of aviation in superyacht operations
14.25Helicopters on Superyachts
*Advising shipyards on the technical and design solutions when building
or adapting yachts for helicopter use
*Helideck training requirements: Private vs. commercial superyachts
*Which crew members should undergo helideck training?
*Preparing for incoming and outgoing flights
Jonathan Turner, Superyacht Aviation
14.45Questions & Discussion
Session Eight: Interview: The Future for Coating systems and processes
14.503 years on, what changes will we see in Newbuild and Refit for:

*Changes in application process
*Coating technologies
*Predictive Maintenance
*Quality processes vs Warranty clauses?
René Bremer, Account Manager Superyacht, AkzoNobel
Richard Jennings, AkzoNobel

Interviewer: Ken Hickling, Director, Sherpa 63
• Delegates may tweet / text questions to the interviewer during the interview

15.10Questions & Discussion
Session Nine: Marina development: around the world
15.20Presentation: A closer look a marina developments worldwide
*What is hampering progress with marina developments?
Oscar Siches, Yacht Harbour Expert
15.40Panel: What are the big issues facing marina developers?
*How can marinas attract the investment they need for developments?
Kenny Jones MBE, EVP Operations, IGY
Onur Ugan, CMM Operation Director, Turkey, D-Marin
Tony Browne, Porto Montenegro
Session Ten: Telemedicine and medical support at Sea
16.30Presentation: What medical support is available for crew & guests?
Dr Spike Briggs, MD and Medical Director MSOS and
Nick Stael von Holstein, European Sales Manager, MSOS
Session Eleven: The Future of Palma, The Future of Superyachts
This session examines how significant changes, such as the planned marina development in Palma on one hand and Brexit on the other, will impact the superyacht industry at both local and international levels.
16.55Presentation: What are the effects of Brexit on the yachting industry?
Paul Clark, Labour and Economic affairs attaché, British Embassy in Madrid
17.20Panel: The Future for Palma
* What expansion is planned for Palma`s marina and shipyard facilities?
* Will the new governments in Madrid and the Balearics go ahead with
*How developments could benefit not just Palma, but the whole region
*What is the future for Palma as an R&D hub for the superyacht industry?
Diego Colon, CEO, Astilleros de Mallorca & President of Balearic Yacht Destination
Joan Gual de Torrella Guasp, President of Port Authority,Palma
Peter Firth, Production Department, Atlante Group
17.50Chair`s closing remarks
17.55End of conference proceedings

Chaired by: Ken Hickling

Director, Sherpa 63

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Pat Bullock

Network Marine Consultants

Fiona McCarthy

Charter Broker, Fraser Yachts

Jens Oomes

Invisible Crew

Steen Christensen

Fraser Yachts Spain

Joost Goverts

Sales Broker & Managing Director, Northrop & Johnson

Natascha Weber

Northrop & Johnson

Alejandro Bonet Templeton

Nautica Legal


Owner / Managing Director, Begüm Yachting

Franc Jensen

JMS Yachting

Peter Murray Kerr

Director, PMK Yachts & Moorings

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Captain Olaf Templeman

M/Y Soprano

Malen Llompart Gual

Marketing & Commercial, Alcudiamar

Pedro Pestano de Silva

Marosa VAT

View More

Veronica Saavedra

Garrigues Law Firm

View More

Vicky Farrow

Managing Director, Quintessence Yachts

View More

Craig Barnett

Sales & Marketing Manager, Triton Submarines

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Richard Booth

Superyacht Tenders & Toys & Toys

Patrick Byrne

Director, Scorpion Ribs

Jonathan Turner

Superyacht Aviation

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Rene Bremer

Account Manager Superyacht, AkzoNobel

Richard Jennings


Oscar Siches

Yacht Harbour Expert

Kenny Jones MBE

EVP Operations, IGY

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Onur Ugan

CMM Operation Director, Turkey D-Marin

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Tony Browne

Porto Montenegro

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Dr Spike Briggs MD

Medical Director, MSOS

Nick Stael von Holstein

European Sales Manager, MSOS

Paul Clark

Labour and Economic affairs attaché, British Embassy in Madrid

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Miguel Angel Serra

Socio / Partner, Albors Galiano Portales

Diego Colon

CEO, Astilleros de Mallorca & President of Balearic Yacht Destination

Joan Gual de Torrella Guasp

President of Port Authority, Palma

Peter Firth

Production Department, Atlante Group

We are delighted to be holding the event at the beautiful Hotel Saratoga.

Hotel Saratoga 4 * Superior City Hotel located in one of the best areas in the center of Palma. With luxurious facilities and equipment, it has a sober and elegant design.

Located in the center of Palma, specifically in the Paseo Mallorca, next to the famous Avenida Jaime III (where the best stores and shops are located) and near landmarks such as the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, the Port and Es Baluard.

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