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The Iberian Peninsula’s countries enjoy what is possibly ideal geographical location, economic, market and infrastructure conditions to position themselves as the next large business aviation hub in Europe, with a global projection.

What can European business aviation businesses, industry, investors, governments, and regulators learn from the best practices in other large hubs in Europe, the U.S. and the rest of the world?

What are the opportunities for business aviation in Spain, Portugal and Andorra? What are the contextual, strategic and tactical challenges? What can we do now to ensure unprecedented growth to see the Iberian based fleet grow many times fold in the next decade?

Where are the markets and how we can finally give them access to a territory and jurisdictions that could be the “next” big development in European business aviation?

The inaugural Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Conference, taking place in Madrid, Spain on Thursday, 30th November, 2017 will look at the big issues affecting business aviation across the Iberian Peninsula, while contrasting its future with that of Europe, the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Key topics covered include:

*Why and How business aviation cultural acceptability is Key to the growth of the Iberian Market?- Focus in the U.S. and Europe best practices and patterns.

*Would business jet travel to and from the Iberian Peninsula could actually be a more efficient method of travel for European, American, African and Latin American businesses?

*How the Iberian countries’ business aviation buyers and lessees could safely and efficiently absorb a growing number of new aircraft, multiplying by a large factor their established base and energizing the trade of high quality young turbine aircraft.

*How can Iberian Peninsula businesses, investors and government-regulators be convinced of the benefits of business and private jet travel and infrastructure over conventional travel?

*How a business aviation growth surge could leap-for the Iberian countries from smaller markets to relevant larger hubs: Applicability of innovative aircraft finance tools, business models and technologies

*The regulatory, safety, compliance, fiscal, financial and legal environment in Spain, Portugal and Andorra

*Investment opportunities in Spain, Portugal and Andorra from the business-private aviation perspective

*Spain and Portugal as intercontinental business aviation hubs: Europe-Africa-The Americas-Caribbean

*FBOs, Air Navigation, Safety and infrastructure in Spain & Portugal

*The impact of the world economy on European aviation; Iberian Peninsula Focus

*Brexit, USA Bilateral commerce with the EU and its impact on European business aviation industry

With an emphasis on discussion and debate, this one-day international conference will shine a spotlight on business aviation in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, providing invaluable insights for existing operators, OEM’s, financiers, brokers, regulators, governments and prospective investors in the region alike.

The Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Conference is an essential networking event for operators, OEM’s, MROs, lawyers, corporate service providers, brokers, managers, FBOs, registries, tax advisors and associations, and anyone with vested interest in the future of business aviation in the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

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Session One: Welcome to the conference
09.00 Conference Organiser’s opening remarks
09.05 Conference Chairman’s welcome to the conference
09.15 Opening Address: The Iberian Peninsula in the European Business Aviation Context
Oscar Garcia, Chairman and CEO, InterFlight Global Corporation
Session Two: Iberian Peninsula – Market and Environment, Where are the Opportunities?
09.30 Presentation: Innovation and Growth
09.50 Questions
10.10 Panel Discussion: What is ahead for European Business Aviation in 2017?

  • The impact of the world economy on European aviation
  • Brexit and its impact on European business aviation industry
  • The new USA administration and impact to global business aviation
  • Who is prospering in business aviation currently?
  • Has operator consolidation worked?
  • The role of innovation and new business models airline and business aviation edge
11.00 Refreshments and Exhibition
Session Three: What can Iberian Business Aviation learn from Global, EU Leaders and USA leaders?
11.30 Presentation: Safety & Security – The fundamentals for Industry Growth and Profits
11.50 Questions
12.00 Panel discussion: How can Europe-Iberian Peninsula grow business aviation – A look at the US models
*Why is business aviation culturally more acceptable in the U.S.?
*Would business jet travel actually be a more efficient method of travel for European businesses?
*How can European businesses be convinced of the benefits of private jet travel over conventional travel?
*Who are the influencers that operators need to reach?
12.50 Lunch
Session Four: Opportunities & Challenges for business aviation in Spain & Portugal
14.10 Presentation: Business Aircraft – Innovative financing tools for growth-Iberian Peninsula Focus
14.30 Presentation: Infrastructure and Flight Services Opportunities – Servicing a Growing Hub
14.50 Questions
15.00 Panel Discussion: Operating aircraft in Spain & Portugal

• Regulatory and legal environment in Spain and Portugal
• Investment opportunities in Spain & Portugal
• Spain and Portugal as business aviation hubs
• FBOs and infrastructure in Spain & Portugal

15.50 Chair`s closing remarks
16.00 Refreshments & Exhibition
Session Six: Roundtable discussions
16.30 Delegates discuss topics of special interest over a glass of sparkling wine. Each roundtable is hosted by a speaker / industry leader and delegates may choose which roundtable they join. The roundtables are an ideal opportunity for delegates to network in small groups and debate hot topics with peers.

Roundtable topics and hosts to include:

*Are FBOs keeping up with customer needs?

*What are the challenges of implementing flight data monitoring?

*How can operators and owners ensure they are in the best position to weather any legal or insurance claims?

*What can operators do to keep a handle on costs and minimize delays caused by MRO issues?
Valuing old and new aircraft:
*How to protect aircraft and retain resale value
*Navigating pre-sale inspections, appraisals and depreciation
*Protecting and maintain the value of your asset
*What are the benchmarks for accurate assessment?

Is the industry doing enough to attract new business?
*How do we reach new customers?
*Do we understand how to reach UHNWI?
*Are there too many barriers to entry?
*What is the impact of tax, regulations, bureaucracy on new owners?
*Does the industry have an image problem?

Security & business jets
*The importance of reviewing security practices and procedures
*Instilling a culture of security awareness at every stage
*The financial and business continuity implications of security measures

The Tech Panel
*What realistically is the future for the supersonic jet?
*How can we optimize connectivity in business jets?
*What is the future for business aviation and the platform economy?

17.20 Cocktail Party 18.50 End of conference

Oscar Garcia

Chairman, InterFlight Global Corporation

The Iberian Business Aviation Conference will take place in Central Madrid, Spain.

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