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Now in its 5th year, Opportunities in Business Jets will once again focus on the key issues of concern to business leaders; finance, regulation, safety, security, insurance, tax, corporate ownership, brokerage, chartering and FBOs.

JUST CONFIRMED – Thank you to the Grand Harbour Marina in Malta for sponsoring the Drinks reception at the Paramount Bar at the end of the conference for delegates attending both the Business Jet and Superyacht Conferences.

Over this series of events over 500 different organisations have attended, including delegates from these leading companies:
* 3 Plex Aero * A/Square * Abacus Corporate Services * ACS
* Aegis Corporate Services Ltd * Aequitas Legal * AeroEx * Affinity Management Services
* Air Charter * Al Jaber Aviation * AMS Aircraft Limited * Ardel Trust
* AV Fuels * Avcon Jet * Aviareto Limited * Aviatrax
* Avinode * B Capital * Bank of Valletta * Boston Trust Limited
* BTI Management Limited * Business Aviation Services * Camilleri Preziosi * CIT Aerospace
* Clark Ricketts Solicitors * Clyde & Co * Colibri Aircraft Limited * Comlux Aviation
* Corporate Concepts International * Credence * Credit Suisse * Customs Department – Malta
* David Zahra Associates * DC Aviation GmbH * DCTS (Malta) Limited * Deloitte
* Dentons UKMEA LLP * DF Advocates * Dixcart International * DNH Jets
* Dohle Corporate & Trust * Duncan Aviation * Easytax * EBAA
* Elit Avia * Emerald Media * Emperor Aviation * Equiom
* EuroControl * Eurojet Limited * Europ-Star Limited * Execaire
* FCF Assets * Fenech and Fenech * Fly Aviation Services * GAMA Aviation
* GANADO Advocates * Global Jet Capital * Globe Air * Grant Thornton
* Great Circle Systems * Greenfield Aviation * Grossman Jet Service * Guggenheim Partners
* Gulfstream Aerospace * GVTH Advocates * Harrods Aviation * HBC Aviation AG
* Hill Dickinson * Holman Fenwick Willan * HolonCom * Hyperion Aviation
* IAA/Shannon Group * IBA * ICM Group * Ince & Co * Innotech
* Interflight Global Corporation * International Air Safety Office * JB Sorotto
* Jet Aviation * Jet Support Services * JetBrokers * Jetcraft Corporation
* Jetex Flight Support * Jetexpert * JSSI * Kennedys
* Klas Jet * KPMG * LBAS * Lloyds Asset Services
* Lloyds Aviation * London Executive Aviation * Mamo TCV * Martyn Fiddler Associates Ltd
* MBAA * McAfee & Taft * MedAvia * Mediterranean Aviation Co Ltd
* Meyer Avocats * Mountfitchet Risk Solutions * Nexia * Oasis Flight Malta Limited
* Premier Aviation * PrivaJet * PrivateFly * PYXIS Aviation Group
* Refalo & Zammit Pace Advocates * Reference Corporate Services * Renz & Partners
* RFIB * Rockwell Collins ARINC * Salvo Grima * SATCOM Direct
* SGI Aviation * Sky Executive AG * Snecma * Societe General
* StrataJet * Sturge Taylor * Synergy Aviation * TAG Aviation Europe
* The Air Law Firm * Toucan Aviation * Transport Malta * Trident Star Global
* Triton Aviation * Tyrolean Jet Services * UAS * UBS
* Universal Weather * Valletta Commercial Services * Vertis Aviation * VistaJet
* Vodafone * WINGX Advance * World Assets Transition* Zenith Aviation * Zeph Aviation

With a strong emphasis on panel and roundtable discussions, Opportunities in Business Jets will give delegates the opportunity to hear from a wider variety of industry figures, as well as to interact and join the debate with panellists.

Opportunities in Business Jets is once again expected to attract over 130 brokers, managers, FBOs, lawyers, corporate service providers, registries, associations, tax advisors and accountants, from around the globe, making this a leading international industry forum.

What is more, on the 23rd February 2017, the day after Opportunities in Business Jets, Quaynote will also stage Opportunities in Superyachts, the 5th Annual Conference, offering delegates the perfect platform for business development and networking across allied industries. Delegates and sponsors participating at both conferences will enjoy discounted rates.

To secure your place at this unique event or to find out more, please register NOW or contact us at:

T: + 44 (0) 203 560 8154


T: +1 604 996 6936

08.00 Refreshments and registration
Session One: Welcome to the conference
09.00 Conference Organiser’s opening remarks
09.05 Conference Chairman’s welcome to the conference
Richard Koe, Managing Director, WINGX Advance
09.15 Opening Address: Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis, Minister for Tourism, Government of Malta
Session Two: The market environment for business jet operators in 2017
09.30 Panel discussion: Are you profitable and if so how?

  • The impact of macro-economic and geopolitical events such as the US election
  • Is new regulation burdensome or liberating
  • How is your customer profile changing
  • How are your sales channels evolving
  • Which geographies are doing well, which are not?
  • Is small beautiful, or does size matter most?
  • Has the consolidation in the operator market worked?
    Moderated by: Florent Sériès, Vice President Sales & Marketing
    Aircraft Management and Charter Services, TAG Aviation Europe
    Panelists Include: Tomislav Lang (COO), Chief Operating Officer, Europ Star Aircraft
    Kimon Daniilidis, Business Development Manager, Luxaviation United Kingdom
    Maximilian Maruna, Accountable Manager / COO, Avcon Jet AG
    Steffen Fries, CEO, MHS Aviation
10.15 Refreshments
10.45 Presentation: Emissions Trading Scheme and the drive for cleaner energy
MEP Miriam Dalli
11.05 Questions
Session Three: What are the current trends in Purchasing and financing aircraft
11.10 Panel discussion: Will 2017 finally see an improvement in aircraft sales?

  • Is aircraft depreciation the main obstacle to new aircraft sales?
  • If prices are so low why is pre-owned inventory still so high?
  • Are banks ill-equipped to finance business jets, and if so, are there other sources of finance?
  • Do aircraft brokers add efficiency or confusion?
  • These days, what is the trickiest stage in the aircraft sales process?
  • How important is the aircraft management company in an aircraft acquisition?
    Moderated by: Jonathan Russell, Hill Dickinson
    Panellists Include:
    Pre-purchase inspection and asset valuation: James Carroll, Director, Business Development – Western Europe, Jet Support Services, Inc.
    Anthony Buneta, Societe Generale Private Banking
    Brendon Lodge, Broker, Jetbrokers
    Kimon Daniilidis, Business Development Manager, Luxaviation United Kingdom
Session Four: How can aviation standards be improved
12.00 Presentation: First world and developing nations` aviation standards

  • It`s safer in Africa!
  • Too many aviation standards?
  • What are your standards?
  • How do you get there?
    Mike Litson, Litson & Associates
12.20 Panel: How can aviation standards be improved
Mike Litson, Litson & Associates
Mike Ryan, co-Founder & Head of Supply, Victor
Neil Turnbull, Cello Aviation (confirmed)
Ben Abbott, Key Account Manager, MoonJet Flight Support
13.00 Lunch
Session Five: What are the latest developments for registration, ownership and taxation?
14.10 : How do employment-related legal issues and the EU Social Security regime affect business aviation?

  • How business aviation companies may be liable as employers for their foreign employees`
    the social security payments
  • In what circumstances are employers liable for these payments?
  • How is an employees` place of residence established?
  • What is the current level of compliance and what are the repercussions of non-
    Andrew Borg Cardona, BCGL Advocates
14.25 Questions
14.30 Panel Discussion: In the wake of major geopolitical turbulence what will happen to Aircraft Registration and tax liabilities

  • Which Registries were most successful in gaining aircraft in 2016
  • How is Brexit changing the relative attractiveness of leading Registries
  • What are the comparable benefits of regional Registries with respect to ownership structures, tax liabilities, aircraft imports, regulatory compliance
  • What is the 5 year horizon for Aircraft Registries in Europe?
  • Will we see centralization or fragmentation?
  • What would happen to the Registry landscape if the EU were to break-up in 2017
    Moderated by: Fiona Healy, Managing Director of FCF Assets Limited
    Panelists include: Ayuk Ntuiabane, VAT Director, Equiom
    Austen Hall , Austen Hall Limited
15.15 Exhibition and Refreshments
Session Six: The Future of Business Aviation
15.45 Presentation: Can businesses succeed in business aviation without a digital strategy?

  • The need for private aviation to accept technological innovation.
  • Business aviation is no longer purely a luxury for HNWIs; the need for private jet travel to be available to a wider audience.
  • The vital role technology has to play in unlocking new customer segments.
  • Why customer service remains key, and how to give that ‘personal touch’ on an online platform.
    Jonny Nicol, Founder & CEO, Stratajet
16.05 Questions
16.15 Panel discussion: Is 2017 the threshold of a democratisation in business charter?
What is the future for business aviation

  • Is online charter just brokerage with a website
  • Can we really say that business aviation has a GDS? And if so, why can’t we book on Expedia?
  • Surely the big money is still in personal concierge?
  • What evidence is there that online bookings are growing the market?
  • In the future, will we need brokers?
  • How will online charter rescue business aviation’s bad reputation?
    Moderated by: Glen Heavens, Managing Director, Synergy Aviation
    Panellists Include:
    Christina Reiss, President & CEO, A/Square
    Richard Hekker, Director of Business Development, Moonjet
    Jonny Nichol, Founder & CEO, Stratajet
    Maximilian Maruna, Accountable Manager / COO, Avcon Jet AG
17.00 Chair`s closing remarks
Session Seven: Champagne Roundtables Session
17.05 Delegates discuss topics of special interest over a glass of sparkling wine. Each roundtable is hosted by a panellist/industry leader and delegates may choose which roundtable they join. The roundtables are an ideal opportunity for delegates to network in small groups and debate hot topics with peers.

  • Industry experts and roundtable topics to include:
  • Aircraft repossession
    Miles Bailey, Business Development Manager UK & Western Europe, MoonJet Flight Support

  • Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS):The role of EUROCONTROL in assisting the aircraft operators business aviation operators in their monitoring and reporting process
    Antonio Astorino, Environment expert, ETS Support Facility, Directorate Pan European Single Sky
  • EU VAT on aircraft sales/purchase
    Bart Boury, CEO, Engel & Volkers Aviation & Allister Crossley, Senior Manager – Aviation, Döhle Corporate and Trust Services
    Matthew Xerri, GANADO Advocates
  • What do UHNWs want?
    Tomislav Lang, COO, EUROP STAR Aircraft

  • Has consolidation within the operator market been beneficial?
    Florent Sériès, Vice President Sales & Marketing
    Aircraft Management and Charter Services, TAG Aviation Europe

  • What are the benefits in maintenance programmes?
    James Carroll, Director, Business Development – Western Europe, Jet Support Services, Inc.

17.50 Drinks Reception – Taking place at the Paramount Bar for all delegates for the Business Jet Conference and the Superyacht Conference taking place on the 23rd February.
19.20 Conference End

Richard Koe


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Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis

Minister for Tourism, Government of Malta

View More

Florent Series

Vice President Sales & Marketing Aircraft Management and Charter Services, TAG Aviation Europe

View More

Tomislav Lang

Europ Star Aircraft

View More

Kimon Daniilidis

Business Development Manager, Luxaviation

View More

Maximilian Maruna

Accountable Manager / COO, Avcon Jet AG

View More

Steffen Fries

CEO, MHS Aviation

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MEP Miriam Dalli

Jonathan Russell

Hill Dickinson

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James Carroll

Director, Business Development – Western Europe, Jet Support Services, Inc.

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Anthony Buneta

Societe Generale Private Banking

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Brendan Lodge

Broker, Jetbrokers

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Mike Litson

Litson & Associates

View More

Mike Ryan

Co-founder & Head of Supply, Victor

View More

Neil Turnbull

Cello Aviation

Ben Abbott

Key Account Manager, MoonJet Flight Support

View More

Andrew Borg Cardona

BCGL Advocates

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Fiona Healy

FCF Assets Limited

View More

Ayuk Ntuiabane

VAT Director, Equiom

View More

Austen Hall

Austen Hall Limited

View More

Jonny Nicol

Founder & CEO, Stratajet

View More

Glen Heavens

Managing Director, Synergy Aviation

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Christina Reiss

President & CEO, A/Square

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Richard Hekker

Director of Business Development, Moonjet

Miles Bailey

Business Development Manager UK & Western Europe, MoonJet Flight Support

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Antonio Astorino

Environment expert, ETS Support Facility, Directorate Pan European Single Sky

Bart Boury

CEO, Engel & Volkers Aviation

View More

Allister Crossley

Senior Manager – Aviation, Döhle Corporate and Trust Services

View More

Dr Matthew Xerri

GANADO Advocates

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