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It is an issue that will not go away. What to do with boats when they reach the natural end of their life?

The term ‘End-Of-Life Boats’ and the business prospects for a form of organised yacht recycling network have come to prominence recently as part of the narrative in yachting circles, due to a perfect storm brewing. The boom years of the 70s and 80’s, mass producing GRP yachts from long-life composite construction materials, are now presenting the yachting industry with some economic and environmental challenges.

London based Quaynote Communications in partnership with YachtMedia who operate as nautical media consultants from Rotterdam in The Netherlands, have announced a conference specifically targeted at this business area, entitled The Future of Yacht Recycling.

The one day conference is to be run in conjunction with METS 2015 (Marine Equipment Trade Show) at the Amsterdam RAI conference and exhibition centre on Monday 16th November, and is fully supported and sponsored by METS.

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) has estimated that there are more than 6 million recreational craft in Europe alone, and as we all know, the larger percentage of these are constructed from GRP. The study revealed that present disposal methods are crude, and generally involve chopping up composite structures and reducing them to fragments that can be sent to landfill. This approach is considered unsustainable in the long run; already certain countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, have regulations restricting the disposal of GRP to landfill. So, recycling will become the only realistic option.

But, something is happening at last! The sharing of information between various EU countries is, and will be vital. The costs and who pays will have to be addressed. Some options such as a EU administered yearly disposal tax on all boats, or an ‘up front’ payment when the boat is purchased are being discussed. Towards the end of this year the Brussels based European Boating Industry organisation will publish for the first time a set of guidelines designed to lay down some best practice examples, and this may lead to future EU legislation on disposal of yachts that have reached their end-of-life.

There have been significant advancements in several European maritime nations in the last two years with some organised yacht recycling schemes becoming independently established, and also some break throughs in tackling the particularly challenging problem of cost effectively recycling GRP, and finding secondary use applications for the resulting reconstituted materials.

The Netherlands is a particularly suitable location for this inaugural commercial Yacht Recycling Conference. Historically Holland is a leading maritime nation, and has a very large number of ageing leisure yachts in its domestic fleet. The Dutch government also prides itself on its care for the environment, and for its responsible ecological management policies, not least across its vast network of inland waterways.

With this well documented background, Quaynote and YachtMedia believe that the timing is perfect to bring together in Amsterdam as many interested parties as possible, to share experiences, latest technologies, legislative updates, commercial funding possibilities, and of course business opportunities!

For further information on speaking and sponsorship opportunities contact:
Lorna Titley
t: +1 604 538 3353
Skype: lorna.titley1

or Peter Franklin

For all other enquiries Alison Singhal, tel: 44 203 560 8154

Video – Future of Yacht Recycling


10.00Registration, coffee, croissants and sponsors exhibition.
Incorporating an exhibitors ‘open house’ to view and discuss concepts, processes and business opportunities connected with the End-of-Life boat fleet.
Session One Welcome to the conference.
11.00Conference organisers opening remarks.
11.05Welcome and introduction from the conference chairman.
Udo Kleinitz – Secretary General of ICOMIA. 
11.15Welcome speech from senior representative of the Dutch Water Sports Industry.
Geert Dijks, Director HISWA, Netherlands Water Sports Association
11.25Keynote Presentation.
Why the global yachting industry has to seriously engage in the process of dismantling and responsibly recycling the boats of yesterday, in order to make way for the boats of tomorrow. And how other industries have already adapted and shown the way…
Carla Demaria, President UCINA (Italian Marine Industry Association) & President of Monte Carlo Yachts
11.40Questions and discussion with delegates.
Session Two The scale of the challenge presented by End-Of-Life Boats.
12.00Presentation and panel discussion highlighting why the EOL bubble has occurred. How many yachts are involved, how they break down into size and material of construction. Specific regional data, and anticipated future time scale for the build up of fleet redundancy.
Moderator: * Brian Clark – Chairman ICOMIA Environment Committee.
Roberto Perocchio – Chairman ICOMIA Marinas Group.
(Presenting the background on how marinas are being affected.)

Mirna Cieniewicz – Secretary General, European Boating Industry.
(Presenting the Boat DIGEST EU ‘Boat Dismantling Insight’ Project.)

Albert Willemsen – ICOMIA Environmental Specialist.
(Presenting an overview on regulatory compliance past, present and future.)

Brian Clark – (A brief review of national ELB initiatives in Japan and Norway.)
Jose Luis Fayos – Technical Consultant, ANEN. (Spanish Nautical Business
Association. (Presenting a viewpoint on experience of ELB’s in Spain.)
13.00Questions and discussion with delegates. An interactive panel discussion and audience Q&A with the above speakers joined by:
Jeroen van den Heuvel – HISWA Membership Manager
Pierre Barbleu – Manager APER France -Boat Dismantling Network.
13.30Lunch. Sponsored by METSTRADE.
Session Three The yacht dismantling process.
14.30Presentation and panel discussion covering the practical aspects of dismantling an EOL yacht. Which materials can be effectively recycled or refurbished and resold? What licences and approvals are required? How can traceability and environmental regulatory certification be assured? Case histories, and examples of existing successfully operating schemes.
Moderator: Albert Willemsen, ICOMIA Environmental Specialist
Bram van der Pijll, Bootjessloperij “het Harpje”
Pierre Barbleu, Manager APER France, Boat Dismantling Network
Dr Frank Stuer-Lauridsen, Litehauz Aps, Denmark
15.10Questions and discussion with delegates.
Session Four GRP/ Composite material Recycling; The big challenge!
15.30Presentation and panel discussion reviewing the history of GRP, and why its composite structure has presented challenges for effective recycling. Lessons learned from other industries using similar materials. Case histories and examples of processes currently under evaluation, and/or presently being commercially offered to the yachting industry.
Moderator: Roberto Perocchio, Chairman ICOMIA Marinas Group
Antimo di Martino (UCINA)

Enrico Benco -GS4C (Go Sailing, for a Change.) Boat design for dis-assembly using all sustainable materials. 
Paul Gramsma, Extreme-Eco Solutions
Boj van Baars, Stichting Yacht Recycling, Netherlands

16.10Questions and discussion with delegates.
16.30Refreshment Break
Session Five – Who pays, and how do we fund dismantling and recycling yachts in the future
17.00Presentation and panel discussion.
A look at the Dutch options and challenges with boat registration.
Will compulsory registration of leisure boats become unavoidable, and if so how can this be achieved with minimised negative impact on the future growth of our industry.
Details of Dutch government backed Blue Fund.
How can the yachting industry adapt to get owners to accept the cost of disposal of
EOL boats?
Assessing suggested schemes: via taxation, insurance, crowd funding, increased harbour dues, etc.etc.
What is there in the way funding and EU/ Government grants or business loans that are available for entrepreneurs and SME’s.
Moderator: Patrick Hemp, Technical Consultant, ICOMIA
Gert-Jan van der Have and Arie de Jong, ARN Advisory
Jeroen van den Heuvel – HISWA
Willem Dekker, Chairman, European Boating Association
Vincent Zuideam, Editor, Waterkampioen Boating Magazine
17.30Questions and discussion with delegates.
17.50Chairman’s closing remarks.
18.00Delegates VIP tour of the 2015 Materials Experience Display.
An exclusive look at a large range of the latest innovative constructions and manufacturing materials. Presented by Materia, a global network organisation that connects naval architects, designers and boat manufacturers with materials which add value to their projects. With complimentary drinks and canapes
of Conference

Udo Kleinitz

Udo Kleinitz

Secretary General of ICOMIA

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Geert Dijks

Geert Dijks

Managing Director, HISWA

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Carla Demaria

President UCINA, (Italian Marine Industry Association)

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Brian Clark

Chairman, ICOMIA Environment Committee

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Roberto Perocchio

Chairman, ICOMIA Marinas Group

View More

Mirna Cieniewicz

Secretary General, European Boating Industry

View More

Albert Willemsen

ICOMIA Environmental Specialist

Jeroen van den Heuvel

HISWA Membership Manager

Pierre Barbleu

Manager APER France, Boat Dismantling Network

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Jose Luis Fayos

Technical Consultant ANEN

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Bram van der Pijll

Bram van der Pijll

Bootjessloperij "het Harpje"

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Dr Frank Stuer-Lauridsen

Litehauz Aps

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Antimo di Martino


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Enrico Benco

Go Sailing, for a Change

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Paul Gramsma

Extreme Eco Solutions

Boj van Baars

Stiching Yacht Recycling

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Patrick Hemp

Technical Consultant, ICOMIA

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Gert-Jan van der Have

ARN Advisory

Arie de Jong


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Willem Dekker

Chairman European Boating Association

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Vincent Zuidema

Editor, Waterkampioen Boating Magazine

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The one day conference is to be run in conjunction with METS 2015 (Marine Equipment Trade Show) at the Amsterdam RAI conference and exhibition centre on Monday 16th November, and is fully supported and sponsored by METS.

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The Future of Yacht Recycling

Supported by:

Icomia Marinas Group

In collaboration with:

Yacht Media
Europaplein 22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands