I am pleased to let you know that Quaynote are now offering an event management service you can see all the details of what we can offer on the link to our online brochure Quaynote_event management brochure

What can we offer you?
Quaynote can manage every aspect of project managing your event, from drawing board to on-the-day delivery. Alternatively, you may outsource specific tasks to Quaynote, while keeping others in-house. Our range of services includes:
* Programme Research and Development
* Venue Search and Liaison
* Speaker Acquisition
* Designing Entertainment and Networking Programmes
* Logistics Management
* Budgeting, Invoicing and Credit Control
* Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales
* Marketing, Website Design and Registration
* Telemarketing Campaigns
* On the day Event Delivery
* Post-event Evaluation and Recommendations

How we work with you
We offer a range of business models designed to match our clients’ objectives, including:
Profit share: Combine our expertise with yours to produce a memorable event with any risks and proceeds shared between
both parties.
Fixed fee: Outsource either your entire
event project or specific tasks to us on a
set fee arrangement.
Sponsorship: Sponsor an existing Quaynote event or propose a new event that you would like to sponsor.
Email alison@quaynote.com for further information.